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A little girl's courageous battle with juvenile dermatomyositis


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Some of my friends at work (Kyra's Aunties) have been discussing some possible fund raising ideas.  They are asking for ideas to be submitted through this website.  If anyone is interested in getting involved please sign up as a member so that everyone can stay informed of what is happening.


Aloha for all of your help and support

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Steph Awa
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i"ll be willing to help out with the fundraisers. just let me know

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Leanne and Ryan
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Hi Tracy and Allan,


Ryan and I were just reading your email and signed up for this website.  I can't believe all that your family (especially Kyra) has been through!  I will have you all in my prayers!  Let me know how I can help. 


God Bless you all!  Hang in there!




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Brett Bulseco
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Hey Allan,

Not sure if you got my other email, but I am going to talk to some artists to get a t-shirt made; talk to iKandy to help me with marketing and distribution; and I am also in contact with Juliet Lighter to see if she can help me design an event. I'll get back to you when I have more concrete information.

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Brett Bulseco
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Hey Allan,

Did they form a non-profit org to collect funds?


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